Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Postal Society: Summer Goals July Swap Incoming

The July swap being hosted on The Postal Society was a simple one but one of my favourites, perhaps you remember i used to take part in a swap called 'My Weekly Goals' where you were to write 5 goals for the week to a partner on a postcard, sadly it stopped just before the 40th one and there's no sign of it coming back yet. This one was very similar to that but was specific to your summer goals.

My first card was from Stacy in New York, USA with photographs from a baseball game, i don't know a lot about baseball if i'm honest but ti's still a very striking card that reminds me of sports day around July time in the sun, i actually quite miss that. Her goals are more ambitious than mine, see the cards i sent here!

Secondly i received this letter from a girl in Poland, i don't think she quite understood the concept of this swap and at first i couldn't figure out what swap it referred to but it's cute so it's fine! From what i gather she will be reading lots and lots of books during her summer. She sent me a sweet and an extra disney postcard for me to use.

What will you be up to this summer?

Amy xo

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