Saturday, 18 July 2015

Postal Society: Summer Goals July Swap Outgoing

For July's Swap over on The Postal Society we were asked to write some summer goals on a postcards for two partners. I chose these little bright quote postcards because i felt they captured the spirit of summer with just text and type. You can buy these postcards over on The Calm Gallery, i've been browsing all their text cards and i have picked out a few favourite's i am bursting to buy for future swaps, they're both pink.. obviously! 

So, i have a whole bunch of goals intended for this summer, believe it or not we're getting closer to the end and i've still barely done any! Some of my goals include, going to Lisbon (a pretty easy one), Finish my dissertation (really that should say start my dissertation..oops) and to tidy out all my junk so i can decorate my study (slowly happening). So so far goal wise this summer has been an ultimate disaster but there is still time to pick it up!Amy xo

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