Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Postal Society: June Summer Mail Art & A Day In The Life Of Swaps Outgoing

Today was the hottest day in the UK for 10 years, where i lived it reached 33°c, it's safe to say here in the UK we are not used to it at all and my twitter was full of people in agony. The humidity is very high and it makes for a hard night sleep so i'm posting two of the swaps i did for the postal societies June swap, The first one is the summer mail art, it certainly feels like summer now, we were to decorate an envelope with whatever we felt represented summer and put in a nice card for your partner.

Ellen from the USA was my partner and i got right on making my envelope, i chose sunflowers, they remind me of summer with their huge yellow heads mimicking the sun. I used my water colour paints and some pens to draw my sunflowers onto tracing paper so that areas would be transparent. I didn't know what to do for the card as i had no summery ones so i recycled an old illustration i drew of a poppy and changed the red water colouring into yellow to match my summer colour!

I included my little about sender inside and a little note, it's always nice to show people a little more about yourself when you send a swap, you don't have to tell your life story but it's interesting for other people to read about you, as boring as you may think you are, you're not!

The second swap was called a day in the life of... where you were to talk about one day of choice from start to finish, you could also include photos or things you collected on that day. I chose the 13th June 2015, the day before my 21st Birthday and the day of my party! I thought it would be quite an interesting day to talk about and talk about it i did...

I love making transparent envelopes because once you've stuffed in all the goodies it looks really exciting to open, particularly when you add the tissue streams that come out of party poppers the colours pop really well through the clear envelope. I think i'll make some more with bright confetti that pops through the transparency for upcoming birthdays!

My party theme was gremlins so obviously that had to be the letter theme, i wrote a long page about my day and included some of the little items i talked about that were present at my party.
Item #1 - A piece of bunting that i illustrated and made, it was hung up all around the room.
Item #2 - Photographs from my party so they get a glimpse into the day.
Item#3 - Green paper straws and parasol that were for the drinks and cocktails.
Item #4 - One of the many green balloons at my party, i didn't manage to blow them all up in time.
Item #5 - Some of the stickers left that i put on top of the popcorn boxes.
Item #6 - One of the 21 candles that were on the gizmo cake i made.
Sadly my partner hasn't given me her address yet but i hope she does soon so i can get it off to her!

Amy xo

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