Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Swapbot: Incoming June Prayer Flag

A few weeks back (i'm so behind with my posting) i received my June prayer flag and let me tell you now, it puts the one i made to shame. Although, my partner who received my 'work of art' was very kind and really liked it especially with the added extra effort i put in. The first thing i fell in love with with this post was those crystal stamps, oh my, aren't they pretty!? I opened my letter up to find a lovely tree motif with a message on the back from my partner Annick from Helvetia, Switzerland.
I then opened the lovely wrapped gift to see...

...THIS! I think it's incredible, the sewing is so neat and the design is just perfect, i really can't wait to hang it up in my room once i've finally decorated, my room is going to be red, cream and gold so the accents on this flag fit perfectly. I'm also baffled at what the buddha face is printed on, it's like paper and fabric at the same time.

She also has her own initial stamp, i love that, i really want a stamp that i can sign all my letters off with and a wax seal would be great too for the envelope. I've signed up for the July prayer flag and it's almost sending time, i had better make a start i'm not such an early bird this time.

Amy xo

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