Sunday, 12 July 2015

Swapbot: Little Letter Of Favourite Animals Incoming

A little while ago i made a swap called 'A Little Letter Of Favourite Animals' where you wrote your favourite animal in the comments and made an entire letter using your partners favourite animal as the theme. If you can remember i got rabbit as the animal for Haley! I had great fun making my letter and just as much receiving Haley's for me, there was just the two of us in the swap which was sweet!

Obviously my animals of choice were sharks of all varieties, and Haley did a great job! She included some postcards she printed, a drawing which i thought was great, a letter telling me about her favourite animals, 8 weird facts about sharks, some of them i knew and some i didn't which was great to learn and finally some shark temporary tattoos which i think are the best thing ever! She bought a pack for herself and used some to decorate the letter on the back and drew me a funky shark too on the front, it think i'll use my tattoos all over my arms one day, shark attack style!

She also included some photos of her adorable pets, we can see why she loves bunnies!Amy xo

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