Monday, 13 July 2015

Swapbot: Outgoing Michael Jackson Postcard

I don't know if you are all aware by now but Michael Jackson is my favourite singer ever, i really love his talent and who he was as a person. The way i see him is as a humanitarian who wouldn't hurt a soul & i truly believe that, if people took the time to read about his story i think they'd believe that too, but it's easier to make opinions based on what you've heard through word of mouth even if it's not the truth.

So since i'm a big fan i made a 'Michael Jackson Postcard Swap' for all those who feel the same. I used a postcard i wanted to keep but as i was going to get a Michael one back i let it go!

It went off to a fellow fan in the UK called Sarah. Things i told people to write were, their favourite song, video and one fact about him, picking a favourite song for me is so hard because it's forever changing but at the time i was feeling P.Y.T! You should all go and listen to it...

I also decided to used one of my Michael Jackson stickers i illustrated, set's it off nicely don't you think?

Amy xo

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