Thursday, 24 September 2015

Outgoing Confetti Mail To Kimberly In Switzerland

So, i've basically been watching the Powerpuff Girls all day whilst writing some lovely letters for my even lovelier penpals, i'm still working on some but today i completed this one for Kimberly in Switzerland. I really wanted to make a confetti letter where you can see through the envelope to see all off the wonderful pieces inside, the confetti also hides the letter from wondering eyes wanting to read it.

Kimberly made me a mixed tape and so i decided to return the favour by making her one with all of my favourite tracks from the likes of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, AFI and Years & Years to name a few. I had so much trouble making it, oh my, i ended up with all my tracks in the wrong order after spending so much time putting them in a flowing least the songs were on the CD this time though! I think i should stick to the label making, isn't it funky?

I also included one of my 'about me' zines, i haven't sent one of those out in a long time, i had to update a few pages. I hope she likes this confetti letter because i'm making more for other pen pals now!

Amy xo

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