Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pink Confetti Mail Outgoing To India

I enjoyed putting together my last confetti letter so much that i made another, a pink version. It's heading to Vaishnavi in India as my last letter got lost in the post on the way to her (i hate when that happens). I like to put stickers shaped like stamps where they would be sometimes, other times i have so many stamps to put on (like last time) that there's no need for extra stickers. Those stickers were perfect because of the shape and colour, plus they are just adorable.

I told her all about my recent travels and my trip to a cat cafe in London, it was heaven there and i must go again soon. I included my 'Get To know Amy' zine and rather than a mixed tape put some sherbet straws in, i'd eaten all the pink ones (ooops.. guilty!) so i used the orange ones instead. I'm making another confetti letter as we speak, i just can't get enough of them!Amy xo

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