Thursday, 22 October 2015

Incoming First Letter From Matilda In Wales

It's been a little slow lately on the receiving of mail, a lot of pen pals haven't written to me for months, some not even since the being of the year. I suppose these things happen and people become busy but it's always sad when you lose contact with someone. I aim to build real friendships with my pen pals so it's a shame when someone doesn't see it the same way, it's a bit luck of the draw but i am very fortunate to have a handful that are real great friends! 

Anyway yesterday i received my first mail from the lovely Matilda who lives in Wales, United Kingdom. It's such a bright and wonderful piece of mail, the envelope pops right at you.

She created a little booklet for me decorated with beautiful papers and a pocket where she popped in her letter and some other little project life pieces. I've always wanted to create a huge scrapbook of my life but i just wouldn't know where to begin! I'm one of those people that hoard ticket stubs and nicknacks from events in my life but never do anything with them other than pop them in a shoe box. Maybe one day i'll get down to creating my project life book.

Amy xo

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