Saturday, 10 October 2015

Incoming First Mail From Kit In Singapore!

Kit is my new pen pal from Singapore and my goodness i don't think i've ever received quite a parcel like this from anyone as a first letter, she was so generous! I'm excited to show you all the beautiful things she sent to me.

First we have two sets of stickers (wow!) The first is one with lots of adorable birds on it and the second is all about panda post, i often keep these sorts of stickers all to myself to use on planners and things,although i can never bring myself to stick my favourites down! Anyone else have that problem?.

She wrote her letter on the back of this cute fox card, which as you can see pops up from a little fox into a wonderful dancing ballerina fox. I love it, it's so quirky and fun. I must say as well she wrote her letter in the most pristine writing i've ever seen, it's all so perfect it looks typed, i wish i had the patience to write my letters like that but the more i write the messier it gets!

Also just look at her adorable illustrations, it looks to me like she did a very similar degree to me with her studying Communication Design and Me studying Visual Communication. I'll have to ask her more about her course, because who knows, it could be the same!?Something else that Kit send me were two packs of washi tape, she read that i love receiving it and so decided to bestow a huge selection of beautiful tapes for me to use. I must admit i have never seen washi tape quite like this as flat rectangular pages but they'll be perfect for closing up little envelopes or sticking down photographs with!The two sets that she sent to me were [Ver. Pastel] & [Ver. Fabric].

Last but not least Kit sent me two types of milk tea for me to try, again i've never seen tea like this, it certainly beats our tea; I mean it has cats on the packaging! I'm not sure what milk tea is but i'm assuming it's very much like the tea we have hear what with the flavours 'silk stocking and 'Earl' being two that we have here. I think the only difference is that the milk is already in the package in powder form but i will have to try them to know for sure, has anyone else tried this type of tea before? I'm waiting for a relaxing time to try them.

I'm going to have to make a super special letter for Kit, Halloween style!

Amy xo

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