Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Incoming From Michelle In Malaysia & Lily In Finland

My lovely new pen pal Lily from Finland has sent me a HUGE letter full of wonderful Moomin goodies for me. Her letter is the longest i've had in such a long time and i love that, you can get to know people really well through long letters and it's great to grab a cup of tea when you read it.

On the subject of tea, she sent me the cutest Moomin tea, is that not the best tea you've ever seen? I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Lily has been to Thailand, in fact she lived in Phuket for a little while, She forgot to add her photos to the letter above before she sent it to me, so she sent me another letter that i actually got first with them in. & guess what!? More adorable Moomin tea, she is the best!Her photographs look incredible and i can't wait to go, it's so so close with 4 days to go! I can't wait to tell her all about my experience when i get home and i'll be sure to send a postcard her way.

Michelle has sent me this lovely little letter filled with adorable mini treats for me including Rilakkuma, cute bunnies and square animal stickers that i actually have the matching postcards too! I love the mini polaroids of her life, they are adorable and i want to make some now for my letters. All of my pen pals are so creatively inspiring to me, they come out with such good ideas.

I'm off to Thailand very soon, 4 days in fact, so i don't think i'll have time to reply to them until i get back, but when i do get back it will be christmas letter time!

Amy xo

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  1. My blog feed never showed me this post! :O I just found it now by accident as I was browsing through the penpalling blogs I follow! :S
    BUT I'm happy you liked the letter and everything, THANK YOU for the Christmas card and surprise, both are safely on my desk even now! ;)
    Did you like the teas? I have some Paddington tea still left at home waiting for my next letter to you! ;)