Monday, 26 October 2015

Incoming Letter & Postcard From UK & Hawaii

Two other pieces of mail found their way to me today too, first is a letter from a new pen pal, Tabea. We decided to write after i sent her my half of a Postal Society swap called 'A Day In The Life Of'. She is currently in the UK but my swap found it's way to her family in Germany, something that i am going to ask her about in my response, hopefully i can get one out to her before i leave for Thailand this weekend.

She told me how her sister opened the letter over video chat and moaned about the confetti going everywhere, mwahaha. Well i laugh, but Tabea definitely got me back as my bed is now a glitter paradise, in fact there's some on my hands right now! Some serious pumpkin confetti is going in her next letter.

The last piece of post today was a postcard from my pen pal Gennie in Hawaii, it was a lovely surprise to hear from her and i hope that she gets the Halloween letter that i sent out to her a little while ago.

I adore this postcard, it's like something i would draw but probably couldn't. The desaturated colours are everything, tinting the elegant flowers and little baby deer. This fawn reminds me of Bambi and the ones that i saw at Alexandra palace in London. That is definitely a place worth visiting, they even have a boating lake, get yourself on a huge plastic swan to feed those ducks.

I believe that there is a postcard challenge that Gennie is participating in called 31 Postcards, from what i gather the idea is that you send a postcard daily for a whole month. Postcards are painfully expensive to spend here in the UK, in some places you can send three for the price of one here in England which makes postcard swapping a very expensive task and something i only do on occasion, if the price were lower i would have loved to participate in something like this, check it out on the #31postcards.

Amy xo

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  1. Love the aquatic feel of the first letter, super cute! And always fun with confetti bombs :P