Friday, 9 October 2015

Incoming Postcard From My Parents On Holiday In Malta!

Today i got a lovely surprise, a postcard from my parents! They're currently in Malta on holiday with friends, i asked them to send me postcard as i've never had one from Malta but i assumed they'd forget, but here it is!

The illustration is of Baby Jesus or 'Gesu Bambino' in Italian, 'Gesù Tarbija' is the Maltese way of saying Baby Jesus.

So for once my Mum was wrong, the card has arrived before she has...Granted she gets back later today but it still set foot in this house before her. It sounds like they've been having a lot of fun, i even saw a photograph of mum with a dog on a lead, is this our dog now? I suspect not, he had a name... Spanky. I know there are two little dogs here that have been missing them both lots and can't wait to see them. 

(To the upper right you may also see where i got all of my artistic talent from.)

Amy xo


  1. Hi Amy :)
    Thank you very much for stepping by my little Blog :) I love your Blog too!
    It would be a pleasure for me to swap with you :)
    Well, where can we exchange our adresses?

    1. Hi Josy, Did you get my message? If you'd still like to swap send your address to my email at xo

    2. Hi Amy :) I still want to swap and just sent you a message to your email. Sorry I took so long. Had busy days behind me :(