Sunday, 11 October 2015

Malta Mail & Souvenirs

Yesterday my parents returned from their week long holiday in Malta, along with their return, this morning i received a second postcard they sent in the post. We were quite baffled that the one they only sent two days ago came first apposed to the one they sent at the beginning of the Holiday, that's the postal system for you!

She sent me a multiple view card, which happens to be one of my favourite types of postcard, especially when they have a map in the middle! I'm glad to hear that the house they booked exists, they were concerned when the owner asked for the money early because she wanted to go to Bali... Needless to say they didn't send the money and stuck to the original plan on giving it at their arrival.

They also brought me back some goodies (yay!) these included a Maltese glass dog (adorable!) and 10 stamps featuring places of interest in Malta. I love stamps so lets be honest it was a perfect gift to bring back for me. Mum said i could use them in my mail but it think i'm going to keep them all to myself. I have a growing collection of stamps that aren't stuck to anything, maybe it time to bite the bullet and get a stamp collectors album...

Amy xo

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