Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My First Outgoing Halloween Mail This Year!

Outgoing to the lovely Gennie in Hawaii (gosh i'm so jealous) is my first Halloween mail of the year, it may seem a bit early but by the time it gets there it'll be closer. Sadly i'm not invited to Halloween this year as i'll be on a 12 hour flight to Thailand but i decided to get as much spooky mail out as i can before i'm away for a month.

I grabbed a bunch of stuff from the supermarket as well as using some stickers i had from last year, sadly i couldn't find my tiny black plastic insects and confetti. I bought some funky skeletons which i put on a split pin so he swings around, they are nice and flat for cheaper letter sending too. I also got glow in the dark plastic spiders, not so flat so including these bumps the price up but i couldn't resist. I put together a mini goodie bag type thing with spooky balloons and creepy insect stickers with lots and lots of confetti (confetti is my thing right now, before this it was embroidery floss remember!)

Lastly (but most importantly) is the treats! I always struggle with finding flat candy to send to my pen pals, this time i thought i had succeeded but it turns out they're not such a flat lollipop after all however these are worth the extra postal charge because not only do they taste great (I obviously had to taste test one) they are sat on glow sticks! I was amazed, i won't lie. I hope Gennie loves it as much as i do...

Amy xo

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