Thursday, 29 October 2015

Outgoing Postcard To Josefin In Germany

Earlier this week i received a postcard from Josefin in Germany, we organised a swap through our blogs and decided to show each other a postcard of where we each live. Burton-Upon-Trent is a town fairly close to where i live, it is situated on the River Trent where many a swan swim, as you can see there's even an homage to the swans surrounded by flower beds. 

Burton is in fact famous for making the worlds Marmite and also is home to a large Brewery, needless to say it's a smelly town.

Despite the marmite and beats scent it does have it's beauty spots from the canals to the impressive river that can often overflow surrounded by a pretty walking route through trees. I don't often walk there but i used to take a lot of photographs of the nature during photography class with my friend Tom. Maybe i should take my dogs more often but it requires a drive.

Hopefully Josefin will love this card as much as i loved hers. (* See what Joesfin said on her blog!)

Amy xo

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