Saturday, 10 October 2015

Outgoing Toxic Spooky Mail To Stephanie In London

Today i finished my third and final Halloween letter (at least in this style) for Stephanie in London. I've already made an orange and purple version and the final colour to make was green, it's a particularly toxic green.

This time i used one of the cards that i bought from the supermarket recently, they're actually invites but i liked them and i'm able to fix my letters into them, hopefully no one thinks i'm inviting them to a none existent party.

Again i filled a little goody bag with stickers and a balloon for her to use on her Halloween mail or for whatever she wishes. Of course, the final lollipop colour was included, this is the only one i haven't tried but i'm sure it'll be just as tasty as the others and she'll love this toxic spooky letter.Amy xo

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