Sunday, 6 December 2015

Back From Thailand With Many Incomings!

I'm back from Thailand and it's been a while, a whole month in fact and i had a blast but more about that at a later date, i have many plans so watch this space about my trip!

When you go away for a month you always come back to stacks of junk mail, well not me, i came back to stacks of lovely mail! Going through it all was like christmas had come early for me, i'm very lucky to have such wonderful pen pals that make me smile. So without further ado here are the letters that were waiting for me when i got home...

First i have this letter to show you from Kit in Singapore, i've had one letter from Kit before and she is amazing, i mean just look at that adorable shark halloween card she made me, i actually real life 'squeeeeee'd'! *spoiler alert* I got to swim with sharks in Thailand, best experience of my life! If you've followed my blog for some time you'll know sharks are my favourite animal and i love it when i receive shark related things especially adorable party sharks with their pumpkin.

Kit included some wonderful things that made me smile, she sent me some temporary tattoos and told me not to give up on my dream of becoming a tattoo artist! How kind is that? I'm currently applying for an apprenticeship with some incredibly talented people so fingers crossed but if it's not my time, like Kit says never give up!

She also sent me a 3D puzzle, stickers, pocky and a shoe bag that would have been so useful on holiday, there's always the next one though. 

Next is a little letter from Ines in Portugal, she used a very pretty letter set to pen her note on and sent me a couple of little photographs she took. The sweets and fruit juices are from Boqueria market in Barcelona, i wish i could buy some right now. Ines was in Barcelona when i went to Portugal so sadly we couldn't meet up but hopefully one day we may!Ellie from Wales sent me a little letter too to update me with what she is up to. She got a new stationary set - Harry Potter style! I sent her one of my Harry Potter stamps before and she loved it, in the new year i'm going to make her a super fantastic Harry Potter letter, watch this space Ellie!

This letter is from Jessie in New York, i haven't heard from Jessie since the first letter she sent me back in... May? I'm glad she has replied to me even if it has taken her some time! A lovely letter she sent me too, i love those big stickers with the two characters, anyone know who they are? They are very cute! She sent me some paper paraphernalia and su:m samples (see what i did there!).To any past pen pals that may not have replied to me since the beginning of the year please feel free to write to me again, i don't mind at all, we all get busy from time to time!

Lovely Len in the Netherlands sent me this neat letter, i'm madly in love with that dragon sticker! I had to carefully peal it off to open the letter up, it's just so shiny. Len says she's been working on a photography project following a homeless girl which sounds super interesting i hope she'll send me some photographs in the next letter! She did include a photograph of a bike, from the caption i assume she was at school in Amsterdam!

Alejandro sent me a letter too, i've waiting a while for this because he's so busy at the moment, i'm glad that he got time to write back because it's wonderful. He sent me some Chai tea, a book mark from his university (the university that's making him super busy right now) and a huge map of Costa Rica! The map is brilliant and i'd so love to go, have you ever just googled Costa Rica and sighed at how unbelievable beautiful it looks!? In fact i might do it right now.

Next a letter from master letter maker Stephanie in London, i don't know how she does it but every letter she sends is a work of art. How gorgeous is this letter? From the transparent graph paper to the stamp, it's wonderful. I love the stickers that she sent to me of the ladies called 'Dolce Vita' from an illustrator called Dofa Huang in Taiwan. She also included some beautiful vintage paper pieces for me. She's told me all about how she's begun the process of emigrating to Canada! How amazing is that? She's always wanted to and now her and her husband are selling up and moving out & i wish her all the best of luck.

Somebody *cough* Alex *cough* left this postcard in their bag too long before posting it. Despite the crumples i still love it especially as it's from my lovely Alex. He was supposed to send it before we went to Lisbon by the looks of things, on the back are facts about Lisbon! He often writes little facts about things on the back of my postcards so i'm always learning. Better late than never aye!?

My pen pal Sepdia From Indonesia sent me a squishy letter sporting some beautiful stamps, the squishiness came from the t-shirt that she's surprised me with, Indonesia - Know It, Love It. Indonesia is definitely on my list of go to places but after Thailand it's going to take some saving before i can get to Asia again, especially if i want to go for another month again!

Vaishnavi in India sent me an adorable letter, the paper she painted is so pretty. Sometimes i find it hard to read what she's written because her writing is so fancy but beautiful to look at. I always look forward to her letters because she's super crafty, i mean just look at these...

She wrote out many sweet quotes and made little envelopes for them, my favourite is the two little page divider dolls that are me and her, it made me so happy! She also drew Alex & I in the 'Dinomite couple' card, so cute.

'Have you ever wondered why we use an 'x' to represent a kiss? It's supposed to come from medieval times, when people who couldn't read and write signed their names as 'x'. They would often kiss the 'X' to show their sincerity and over time it came to represent the kiss rather than the signature! xxx'

This letter was part of The Postal Society swaps, called Halloween Mail! You may have guessed that... This is from the lovely Amanda in the USA, an artist of the letter world in my opinion! Just look at how wonderful this is, it's the only real halloween mail i got this year. My pen pal Shen sent me an amazing Halloween mail but it got lost on the way to me - so so sad!

She sent me a bunch of Halloween goodies from stickers to tags, definitely full of treats not tricks! On the letter is the most amazing tape, i don't have a single Halloween tape and she has loads of great ones, it's something i'll have to find online for next year.

As Amanda knew it wouldn't arrive in time for Halloween she added a few other none halloween treats for me in a little paper bag. Where do people get all these wonderful paper pieces from!? I'm also pretty sure the top love heart might be a temporary tattoo, i love those things!

My Mum & Dad went to Scotland for a few days whilst i was away and despite knowing that i wouldn't be there to receive it they still sent me a lovely postcard of the male panda they saw at the zoo - so jealous! Apparently they were very active when they went, running and playing, i wish i could have seen that, i've never seen a panda in my life.So as you can see i got a LOT of mail, the race is on to get all the replies out before the last mail day for Christmas. I have a bunch of presents to send to a lovely few, i hope they'll like them. Time to get my Christmas on!Amy xo

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