Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Letters Batch #1

Christmas is well and truly on it's way and i couldn't be more delighted, it's definitely my favourite time of year. With christmas comes far more mail, christmas cards & present orders and of course my annual christmas letters for my pen pals! This year i'm going for gold! All of my presents are wrapped in gold paper with all the gold trimmings, bows & ribbons and so are my letters. I nipped into charity shop Barnardos, a children's charity and stocked up on beautiful golden wise men christmas cards, gold stickers and tissue paper. I like to get my cards from charity shops, they have an excellent collection and of course it helps those in need, something that christmas is all about.As you can see in the photo above i decorated the insides of the cards, popped a joke in that i collected from crackers last year and wrapped a little present up in gold tissue paper and used my new wax seal to decorate with golden wax. I'm not showing you what's inside the present, i don't want to ruin the surprise but they're under strict instructions to open them on the 25th with their card! The card and present went into a sealed plastic envelope for them to pop under their tree if they have one. That way on the 25th i can think of them all opening their little gifts!
I put a little letter in for them to open when they receive them, using lots of stickers and tape to make the envelopes more christmassy! I wrapped the two things together in golden paper in order to send them to these lovely ladies: Sepdia in Indonesia, Vaishnavi in India, Sheniz in London, Kit in Singapore, Malaivee in Thailand and Lily in Finland! Hope you love them lovelies, Merry Christmas.

Amy xo


  1. Your envelope arrived this week in perfect condition and the postcard and little present are stacked on our staircase as we don't have Christmas tree :)
    HOWEVER, in Finland (and at least in Germany and Nordic countries) we celebrate Christmas already on Christmas Eve so am I allowed to open the envelope already on 24th? ;)

    1. That's such a sweet idea, I'll give you permission to open it on your christmas day! ;) Have a wonderful day, Merry Christmas! xo