Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Mail To My Boyfriend ❤

I saw this funny little postcard in Paperchase when i went on a shopping day out with my mum, i just had to buy it for Alex, i mean..look at those googly eyes!  I love brussel spouts, as does Alex, i don't know why they get so much stick each christmas...

I funked up the back with various lettering with some red and green sharpie's. I also stuck on a little penguin puffy sticker and the new 2015 Christmas 1st class stamp! I always love the christmas stamps that the Royal Mail come up with, has anyone received one on their letters yet? Oh and of course not forgetting my glorious seal stamp.

I think i might send some more Christmas postcards out to my loved ones to get them all in the christmas cheer, i'm definitely in the christmas mood since getting back from sunny Thailand.

I also know that Alex doesn't have an advent calendar so i picked this little card version up from a store called Tiger, i love that store, everything is so cheap and kind of random. I snook a little peep at some of the days that have gone by already, naughty Amy!Sadly these haven't arrived yet despite the 1st class stamp, i'm hoping that they're just late due to christmas post i really hope they haven't got lost, Alex needs his Advent calendar before christmas please royal mail!

Amy xo

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