Monday, 7 December 2015

Incoming From Sheniz In London

Just after i received all of the mail in my last blog post i got one more from lovely Sheniz. Her last letter didn't make it to me which is so annoying, damn it posties! Her letter was Halloween themed full of many goodies from plastic insects, popping candy & lollipops, sounds like the most amazing letter to me.

Anyway she kindly reposted a little letter to me to respond to, she sent it on a foldable envelope letter. Does that make sense!? You write on the envelope and it folds up... Terrible explanation. Well i actually have the exact same set, i think we have fantastic taste.

She sealed her letter with wax, something i've always wanted to do with my letters. Finally i can because Alex bought me a little £5 starter set from the shop Tiger! It came with gold and red wax and a stamp, with two to choose from i chose the heart one. I love it and already want more designs, maybe my initial like Sheniz has. Get that on my christmas list!

Amy xo

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