Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Incoming Parcel From Laura In Minnesota!

A few days ago a parcel came for me, i've been waiting since about July to hear from Laura (naughty Laura) but i think this makes up for it and i forgive her for her tardiness! I thought this little christmas united stated postal service box was adorable with the little snowman, i have no idea how the US postal service works but i'm intrigued...

Look at all of these goodies, can you remember all the goodies i sent to Laura for her birthday!? That was the last mail i sent to Laura & she's definitely returned on it. So what did she send? Firstly (and one of my personal faves) is the postcard featuring a cheeky squirrel...can you see it? Minnesota gets cold. She sent me a couple of leaflets for plays that she is working on soon, a geographic giraffe christmas card, squidgy croc & a variety of cute sticker.

She also sent me a bunch of american candy, one's that i have never tried before. She messaged me asking what sort of candy i like and my reply was the gummy ones, but obviously being vegetarian they are very hard to find, they are here anyway as they always contain gelatine (boooo). She picked out some swedish fish, twizzler bites with a fruity centre and some tootsie rolls (what a great name).
I've tried both the swedish fish and twizzlers now with just the tootsie rolls to go and oh my they are delicious! Well done America. I'm saving some for when i next see Alex, he showed an interest in trying the swedish fish but i had to take a picture first of course!

Laura also sent me her cd of the play she stage managed... Frankenstein! I've been waiting for her to send her first play which was called 'Voilet' but this is just as good. I'll be watching it soon with my program in hand...pass the popcorn.Amy xo

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