Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Meeting Mew, My Pen Pal In Thailand!

Whilst i was away in Thailand i was in Bangkok for some time which happens to be where one of my lovely pen pals live. Malaivee (Mew) took the day off uni (naughty) to show me around Bangkok, and i'm so glad she did as it was an amazing experience to meet her. It's the first time i've met any of my pen pals and she was so lovely, i wish i could have spend more time with her & i so hope we can meet again sometime in the future.

She and her boyfriend Dawin met me and Alex in our hotel lobby, i was so nervous but excited too as i'm a very shy person. Mew told me she felt the same! We caught a bus to Wat Arun & then too the Grand Palace where we took some snaps! Temples in Thailand are beautiful, just look at all that gold! We caught a boat and went to the Siam Museum which was a lot of fun, it tells you all about the history of Thailand.

We had some tasty food throughout the day and i even tried a durian fruit ice lolly, the durian fruit is the stinkiest fruit in the world. People sometimes compare it to a rotting corpse, nice. It's banned from hotels & taxi's as even when contained in it's spiky exterior it still lets off a stench that can last for days.At the end of the day we went to Khao San Road, full of markets & travellers. We had a few drinks and snacks until it was time to say goodbye, sad times. Mew & Dawin were lovely and i miss Thailand so much, i hope we meet again.
Mew gave me a letter in response to the last one i sent to her, she included some cute postcards for me & a little gift - Red ointment Tiger Balm! This stuff is a god send, it helped my MANY mosquito bites relieving them of that torturous itch. I've never been bitten so much in my life, it was getting pretty unbearable especially after that fire ant bite on my butt... don't sit down when you're gardening in Thailand.

Amy xo


  1. So Cute! I'm glad you had a nice time in Thailand! I met my pen pal for the first time this year as well, and it was nerve-wracking and so amazing altogether :D

  2. It was brilliant and she took the whole day out to spend it with me which was so nice of her. Where is your pen pal from? :)