Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Outgoing To Switzerland & First Letter To Irina In Russia

I have a new pen pal called Irina from Russia, she asked if she could be my pen pal and of course i accepted, i'm bursting at the brims with pen pals now but i'd love to here more about Russia, i hope to visit Moscow one day in the future especially to see the Saint Basil's Cathedral.

I wrote a quick letter introducing my self on a new set i got when i went to a garden centre to visit their Christmas reindeer and ice skate! I hope she likes the tea, it's my all time favourite flavour.

I've also replied to Kimberly's letter with the same set, it's hard to get photographs this time of the year as it get dark by the time i've written up all my letters, i can't wait for the days to get longer. I found some adorable stickers that i got *ehm..* in a animals and me child magazine, no regrets, so i popped one with a fluffy dog in a santa hat, sometimes the children's magazines come with cute things and i can't help myself!

I hope everyone's ready for christmas, i know i am! All my Christmas mail is out and it's time to sit back relax and be merry.

Amy xo

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