Sunday, 10 January 2016

First Mail Of 2016: From Finland & Russia

I have a bit of bad news but i'll get into that in my next outgoing post, my mail won't be as fancy for a while... Anyway to cheer me up this new year (Happy New Year all!) i received two mails, the first being from Lily in Finland. Finland always reminds me of christmas, probably all of the snow they get!

Lily sent me a beautiful christmas card, it's printed on textured card and has golden sparkles. It's a painting by Robert Holy called "Joulun Hiljaisuus" which i believe Lily translated inside the card for me as "The Silence Of Christmas". Knowing i love tea she sent me two Christmas teas that are only available to buy in Finland from November to January, i'm bursting to try them and i think it's about time i sent Lily some teas back!

The second letter i've received this year is from Irina in Russia, we agreed to be pen pals some time ago but she wasn't sure how her address was to be written so i've only just heard from her now. She sent me her letter in a cute little snowman family goodie bag along with a little snowman sticker and pretty christmas tag with berries on. I'm excited to talk to her, she studies foreign languages and seems super interested to talk to a native English speaker, i also can't wait to hear more about what it's like to live in Russia.

I hope everyone's had a fantastic Christmas & New Year!

Amy xo

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