Saturday, 16 January 2016

Incoming From Sheniz, UK & Vaishnavi, India

You may remember my last post about how Sheniz told me she could no longer write to me which was sad, but she replied to my Christmas mail and i'm not 100% sure where we stand as pen pals now but time will tell.

Along with a little letter she also sent me some Christmas treats, including a tasty looking pear & mint tea. I've never heard of Vitax and i'm pretty sure it's not a UK brand so it'll be interesting to try. She also sent me a little wrapped gift, so what's inside?...

...A cute tassel necklace ft. a little crystal stone. I sent all of my pen pals a little bracelet either one that i bought or one made, Sheniz received one of the first batch of Christmas letters i sent that had the bought bracelets inside, it was nice of her to send me a gift too.

Vaishnavi from India also sent me some mail, i always love Vaishnavi's letters because she puts so much effort and love into it that it makes me smile. She always writes out little quotes for me in every letter she sends, this time she also painted me a little elephant, isn't it cute?

Also in my letter she sent a Christmas card, lotus card, 'God Bless You' napkin, peacock feather, an invite to her birthday party (that sadly i couldn't attend. not just because she lives in India but also it arrived after her birthday!) and finally a little wrapped gift, what could be in this one?...

... Some beautiful pieces of handmade Indian terracotta jewelry, aren't they pretty? I love unique pieces like this and i'm thinking of wearing them for Valentine's day as they match the colour of the dress & shoes i plan to wear. I'll be sure to take a snap of me in them to show Vaishnavi! I'd better start getting her birthday package put together.

Amy xo

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