Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Incoming From Switzerland & Finland

Today i got back from the hospital, i had an operation on Monday to put a metal plate on my broken wrist so i was a bit down in the dumps but i came back to some mail which brightened my mood. First i opened Kimberly's from Switzerland and what a magical colourful confetti bomb it was! Firstly what Disney film are the stickers on the envelope on, is it a new one!? I can't put my finger on it. Secondly...the walrus, i love him look at his fancy hat. Kimberly also drew me a beautiful postcard sized piece of artwork, isn't it funky? This letter definitely cheered me up, everyone knows i love my confetti!

I also got a letter from Lily in Finland, i thought that the envelope was adorable with little melody on so i opened it super carefully as not to tear her in two. Sadly this letter didn't cheer me up, it actually made me quite sad, Lily was unhappy with the amount i wrote in my last letter to her, obviously right now i have a broken wrist... believe it or not even though it's not my writing hand that's broken it still seems to effect it as does my medication i'm physically exhausted constantly to the point i could drop off to sleep sitting in a chair, it's some seriously strong stuff i'm on to help with the pain. So as you can understand i'm struggling at the moment. 

Despite her comments about that the rest of the letter was more up beat and i won't hold it against her at all, sometime's things come out wrong or people are stressed. She sent me some tasty tea and i so hope she likes my next letter and is less stressed out. I'll definitely write more in her next one haha!

Amy xo

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