Sunday, 17 January 2016

Incoming Gifts From Kit In Singapore!

Kit, my pen pal from Singapore sent me this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G surprise package full of wonderful gifts that she bought for me on her travels to Japan (how lucky is she!), it was so unexpected but she always sends me such lovely mail. I sent her a bracelet for Christmas & she then gave me so much more, i feel a bit bad that i didn't send more but i am going to begin putting together a parcel for her to thank her for all the beautiful mail and gifts she so kindly sends my way.So what did she send me, of course a lovely letter & her adorable illustrated envelope (i always can tell when I've got her mail!), two sets of sassy cat stickers and a little bag that i could put all sorts of bits and bobs in. I opened the bag to look inside thinking that there'd be paper inside as many do but to my amazement...more gifts!

...I'm speachless, just look at what she sent to me. I love the 'Lemon Flavour' bag that looks like a mug, it's so unique i've never seen anything like it, i'm thinking when i go travelling i might fill it with my favourite teas to take with me, don't you think it'd be perfect for that? I'm always travelling whether it's abroad or just down to London to see my Alex, it'll come in handy. 

She also put in two squishy Disney character keychains, Goofy & Daisy, that are wearing Japanese dress, how neat is that? & last but most certainly not least, she bought me a 'VirginStone' wrap around bracelet, it's beautiful and i've been wearing it a lot. I'd never heard of this brand before so at first i was confused as to what it was and how it works but it's so unusual and i love how it clasps together with the anchor and string, it reminds me of the ocean & of course...KIT!

Amy xo

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