Friday, 15 January 2016

Incoming Letter From Germany & A Postcard From The Netherlands

Today i received some mail from two dear pen pals of mine, first a letter from Tabea in Germany. I found out why her last mail was sent from the UK but i sent to Germany, Germany is where her family are and what with the holidays she's been spending her time there. Soon i suppose it'll be back to work and she'll be back in London!

As well as the beautiful envelope (I love it when people make their own from pretty photographs, they become unique) and her letter she sent me a little gift back in return for the bracelet i made from loom bands for her Christmas present, what was in the little golden gift wrap?...

... A delicious looking tea! Caramel apple pie flavour, weird tea flavours from around the globe are one of my favourite things to receive & send.This flavour sounds tasty already, i hope it smells just like apple pie. I've collected a large amount of teas sent to me by pen pals and so maybe i'll post some tea blogs, let me know if you think that's a good idea!

Last but not least is this postcard from Len in The Netherlands, i'm hoping you can see it, it'll probably vary on different screens. At first i thought maybe something had happened to the postcard but Len explained that it is meant to look the way it does. She told me that she loves this photograph which i love because it's important to find the beauty in things others may not see. What are your thoughts on this photograph?

Amy xo

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