Monday, 18 January 2016

Meeting My Pen Pal Inês From Portugal, In London!

My lovely pen pal Inês told me that she was heading over to London for a few days & asked me if i would like to meet up, of course i said yes! It really cheered me up and gave me something to look forward to since I've been in bed most of the time since i broke my arm. I went to Portugal last year but whilst i was holidaying in Lisbon she was holidaying in Barcelona so we missed one another. Here is our meet...

We met near old street station on Saturday & introduced everyone which was pretty easy as her two friends were also both called Inês! It's a very popular Portuguese name, can you tell? We made our way to Cat Village, Inês saw my Instagram photos from last time i went and loved the idea so that's where we went. Sadly it was fully booked but LUCKILY we reserved for later in the day, with a couple of hours to spare we wondered the sites of Shoreditch, drank hot chocolate and visited a few galleries. It was a very cold day so we tried to stay inside as often as possible.

The Crew, Alex, Inês, Inês, Inês & I! We got to the cat cafe and we were in cat paradise, petting, playing, probably slightly annoying all the cats. I even saw one that was a teeny tiny kitten last time i went but is now all grown up, so cute!

Inês & her friends were so nice, it's a shame when Inês left, i know we'd hang out often if we lived in the same country. We parted among the lumiere light festival and i gave her a little elephant key ring, a gift i bought her from Thailand. I hope we can meet again one day & she can show us more of Portugal.

I've written a postcard to Inês to tell her what a lovely time Alex & I had with them all, I've had this postcard from Paperchase for a while and thought that it would be perfect for the task at hand. When i was in London i also picked up some cat stickers to cover the back of the postcard, cats are everywhere!

Amy xo

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