Friday, 22 January 2016

Outgoing Birthday Parcel To Vaishnavi In India!

It's a pen pals Birthday (or was rather recently) as Vaishnavi turns 21, what with all the beautiful letters she sends my way i had to put together a parcel for her, after all it is the big two one! I took on board her favourite colour and began to source my goodies for her, it was so much fun putting together a parcel as i haven't done it for quite some time, i'm so terrible at remembering birthdays so i don't do it for all my pen pals but if they remind me early enough then i make sure to send something their way.

What is in my parcel? Well of course a beautiful birthday card, that i will talk about more below, a little letter, a blank blue note book for her to fill with whatever wonderful things she wants, a little blue elephant that i got from Thailand, fresh linen scented incense, Indian chai tea, England's staple chocolate Cadbury's dairy milk, celebratory bubbles, make your own loom band packet plus one that i made for her and some pretty earrings, she once told me she collects earrings.

Whilst in Paperchase i noticed some cards on sale and i just had to buy one of every style, they were still pretty expensive cards even in the sale but so worth it, they're absolutely beautiful on the outside but then you open it and there's a pop up world inside!The one i sent to Vaishnavi is blue on the outside and looks like a locket, with 'Time For Birthday Tea' on a golden glitter plaque, inside cute animals are having a teddy bear's picnic with balloons, presents and of course tea. I didn't photograph it but i put in a blue tea sachet of Pukka 'Night Time' tea for her to actually enjoy some birthday tea!

It was then time to wrap it all up, i tied together all the paper bits and wrapped up some of the gifts separately to add some surprise. I didn't have any blue wrapping paper so i made my own, everyone should try this as it's such a personal way to decorate presents. 

All i did was find all of my blue hue Instagram photographs and arranged them on photoshop into a grid pattern. I was lucky enough to get an A3 printer a few years ago, something i so needed for printing out larger artwork for portfolios at university, if you don't have one you can simply sellotape A4 pieces together and voila! Your very own personal wrapping paper with an insight into your life. I hope Vaishnavi loves all the gifts, i loved making it.

Amy xo

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