Saturday, 9 January 2016

Outgoing To Finland, Spain & Malaysia

So...I had a bit of a terrible Christmas day, to cut a long story short, i broke my arm and spent all of Christmas day in hospital. On the bright side, i broke my left arm and not my right so i can still send my mail, albeit not as crafty. It's surprising how many things i can't do right now, it takes me about 10 minutes just to get the letter i wrote into the envelope and although i'm right handed, writing is still a little harder as my page slips everywhere. 

Mail is starting to filter through again and so i have a handful of mails to send out, one to my pen pal Lily in Finland and two for new pen pals! My pen pal Sheniz decided she could no longer write to me and so i set about finding a lovely new pen pal, well, i found two! They are Jeanifer in Malaysia and Vega in Spain!

First is my letter to Vega in Spain, she was looking for exactly the same thing in a pen pal as me and so i think we'll get on great! I used my cute peas in a pod writing set from paperchase, i'm having to rely on my writing sets right now as i can't make my own envelopes from all the pretty papers i bought, hopefully no one will mind that they're not as artistic as they usually are.I included one of my favourite herbal teas, Twinings gingerbread green tea, it smells exactly like you're about to take a bite into a gingerbread man.

Next is a letter to Jeanifer in Malaysia, like Vega's this is the first letter of out penship & hopefully not the last, haha has that ever happened to you? You sent a first letter out and they just never reply, anyway hopefully not the case with these pen pals. I wrote on a letter set covered in beautiful bug and flower illustrations, it's one of my favourite's and i've had it for quite some time now, the back of the writing paper is just beautiful. I included 'Night Time' pukka tea which was my all time favourite until Twinning's 'Buttermint' came into my life, but this is still brilliant before bed.

Last but certainly not least is Lily's letter, i used a big envelope letter set, normally i just use those when i have may things to send or a zine of mine but i didn't want to send the same as the other guys, plus i thought my little moustache bearing Chihuahua would suit this fiesta stationary! I added some air mail stickers to all of the envelopes and of course Lily will receive some tea too. She's already sent me so many teas that i wanted to begin to return the favour with Pukka 'detox' & 'clean green', i still support the WWF and when you buy a box of clean green (which is delicious by the way) some money gets given to them, so i totally approve!

Amy xo

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