Thursday, 14 January 2016

Outgoing To Minnesota, USA & Switzerland

I've written my reply for Laura in Minnesota, USA, Laura sent me a parcel full of wonderful goodies for me, i have well and truly demolished all of the sweets she sent my way. She also sent me her copy of the Frankenstein play that she worked on, i watched it whilst mooching around in bed the other day and i enjoyed it, the actors performed well, especially the adorable dog. It's going back her way as it's not mine for keeps, i hope that she sends more of her plays my way.

I bought some funny animal stickers from the pound shop, i desperately wanted to use them on a sort of matching stationary, so i made my own using the amazing art work of Yago Partel

I used the same images for this next letter to Kimberly in Switzerland but inverted them to make a darker, punky set, spooky right? Again i used my funny animal stickers, i think that pug is my absolute favourite, don't worry though i saved one for myself!

I popped in some air mail labels, a kitty in glasses and one of postal loves postcards, of course from the United Kingdom. I have so many to swap so if you have the other countries let me know, they must be sent from the country on the card though.

Amy xo

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