Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Outgoing Totoro's To Germany & Singapore

I ordered a bunch of things online from Asia as they're so cheap and they've slowly been filtering through my letter box, two of the items i ordered were these cute My Neighbor Totoro envelopes & stickers, for the envelopes you don't get a choice of style, sadly i got two packs with the same design, i was hoping for 3 different ones, but they're still cute.

First is a letter to Kit in Singapore, she sent me a huge packet of goodies, i am in the process of gathering items to make her a lovely package but write now i'm just sending this little letter her way. The set doesn't come with writing paper so i just drew a little Totoro sitting in the corner with a sticker flake taped on for her to still use on anything she wants herself.

I also popped in some expensive Taylors of Harrogate tea, fancy right? In 'Green Tea with Strawberry and Vanilla' flavour, they sit super flat unlike some of the other teas i sent which is so useful as one tea bag in a normal letter here in the UK bumps it up to a large letter price, crazy and annoying right?
When i started writing they didn't even have the large letter rate for international mail so one tea bag bumped up from small letter to small parcel! I also stuck on some usable sticky notes, including my mums super cool 'Plan of Attack' notes, i really need to stop pinching those.

Next is my letter to Tabea in Germany in response to her pretty letter, i returned some tea to her as she sent me some and like in the letter above stuck in some usable sticky notes, hopefully my mum won't notice her pile slowly disappearing, oops!

Amy xo

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