Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope you're having a lovely day, valentine or no valentine, it doesn't matter, Valentine's is for celebrating all kinds of love. If you're feeling lonely today then treat yourself, it's so important to love yourself too.

I had a lovely weekend with Alex, he came down from London to spend the weekend with me, On Saturday we went out for a 3 course meal at the restaurant next door to where i live, they had a special fancy valentine's menu to choose from, plus i didn't have to walk far in my heels! Then we went to see The Revenant, a good film, but if you're an animal lover like me it's quite gruesome.

On actual Valentine's we made pizza from scratch and watched romantic films, of course opening of presents occurred too...

As you can see i got him a cute turtle card because he's 'turtley amazing' & it reminded of the yoga turtles we saw in Rome. Normally i'd make a card for Valentine's Day but with my broken wrist i opted out this year. As for gifts, we set a £10 limit as our 3 year anniversary is coming up and we seem to have so many gift giving events throughout the year, so i had to get a little creative. I bought him a case of 4 ales that come from around the world including, San Miguel from Spain, Asahi from Japan, Tsingtao from China and one i can't remember from Belgium i believe, he enjoys ale and trying new one's on holiday. 

I also bought him a love globe that has sequin hearts inside and popped in photos of us in Thailand, some cocoa covered coffee beans (which he loves) & lastly i made us matching 'Partners in crime' keychains, cute right!?

Alex got for me an adorable heart shaped water bottle with owls on to keep me warm when he's not there and some valentine's stickers to decorate more mail with! I packaged all of his gifts that i wrapped up in my pink hue instagram photos in this pretty bag and found the PERFECT tag for it, emoji heart eyes! Major emoji love.

Amy xo

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