Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Incoming Pocket Letter From Tilly In Wales

Tilly is the queen of snail mail i feel, everything she sends is so beautifully laid out and is often in pocket letter form. Look at all the patterns, colour and of course the little upbeat notes that she pours onto all of her letters, i wish i was this good at snail mail, i mean where on earth does she get all that beautiful paraphernalia!?

As you can see it is a letter celebrating the new year, i hope it's going fantastic so far for you all. There's always so much to photograph and look at with Tilly's letters because there's just so many aspects to the letter, it really is a small piece of art and i get so excited when i see her letters have come through my post box.

I'm definitely going to use this letter as inspiration for some of my own, i particularly love the transparent sheet used to separate each of the sides, genius!

Inside of the letter and all of its pockets were of course a letter, paper pieces for me to use and a pretty tag. I have so many of those project life (i think that's what they're from) cards but i'm not sure what i will use them for yet, i'd love to start journalling again and create a beautiful diary, maybe one day soon!Amy xo

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