Monday, 1 February 2016

Incoming Postcard From Gennie, Hawaii

Today this pretty postcard arrived from Gennie in Hawaii with a beautiful mosaic elephant on the front, she's obviously been visiting Honolulu zoo and thinking of all those elephants i looked after in Thailand! I like to be reminded of my adventure.

Gennie sent me another postcard a little while ago, i haven't had a letter from her in a while as she says she is taking a break to focus on other things, she has a young child, how does she ever find the  time?

I'm glad that she still sends little messages on postcards to show she's not forgotten me and keeps me updated on snippets of her life and what she's up to, it's probably about time i updated her with my life i can't remember when i sent the last letter to her so it must have been time ago, perhaps even Halloween. A LOT has happened since then hasn't it!

Amy xo

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