Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Outgoing Letters Of Love In The UK

Love is in the air, Valentine's is on it's way and it's time to start sending out those love letters! First is a postcard i couldn't resist for Alex, i mean he has nice buns (hehe). They even have little googly eyes, one of paperchases finest i must say. I often send Alex a little postcard when it's coming up to an event, just to get us both in the spirit of things.

Next up is for the lovely Stephanie in London, another set from The Works also on sale for just £1 so i picked a bunch up. I think that this set is so delicate and romantic, super perfect. I also made little priority labels for all my valentines mail, i mean love letters are important right?
Lastly is for Sheniz also in London, i'm not sure what sort of pen pals Sheniz and I are, but we agreed to keep in contact occasionally with postcards and such. She didn't have time to keep up with all the pen pals she had but i hope she continues to write to me, i'm pretty patient. I found this love & peace letter set at The Works and it was on sale so i just had to pick it up for the season, it's so bright and captures Valentine's Day perfectly. I hope everyone loves their love letters, they're all off to London this time!Amy xo

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