Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mum's! (But especially my mum). My mum (& dad) has been pretty amazing lately what with my arm and helping me do all of the things i couldn't do for some time, so although she's always amazing she's had to ump it up to the max and so i got her some neat gifts to say thank you. 
I got a bunch of smellies for the bath, she loves bath bombs & a nice candle to relax in the bath with. I also popped a photo of my dog Ollie in a frame she bought, she's been asking me to do that for some time and i finally have. But i'm just showing you the bits i got from one of her favourite people Katie Abey! I bought my boyfriend 'the mug of motivation' last year for his birthday and a bunch of postcards and stickers for myself and since then mum has joined the internet world and began to follow Katie Abey and has now bought probably one of everything in her Etsy store! (maybe a little exaggeration) She definitely rocks her leggings though.

So, i got mum this cute kangaroo card and a naughty 'Shih Tzu' magnet to sit with all her others on our white board in the kitchen. I hope she loves her gifts, i'm sure she will. I hope you all have a fab day with your mum's, dad's and everyone in between!

Amy xo

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