Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Writing To My Favorite Disney Character!

Now that i'm all caught up with letters for a while i wanted to find some other cool things that you can do with mail around the world and the one that took my fancy was writing to your favorite Disney character in hope of a postcard in return from them. I did a little research and whilst some say they're not doing it anymore i thought i'd give it a shot, that way i can let you all know for definite, I also wasn't sure if it was just an american thing or if they'd reply worldwide but we shall see together.

I wrote to Ariel and spoke about how in my childhood i'd watch her and then as soon as it was over i'd watch her again, i also mentioned that i got into trouble on a few occasions for brushing my hair with my dinner fork, you're never too old to write to a Disney character!

A long time ago they sent out black and white postcards of the character you wrote to but most recently there are just two postcards that have been sent out, one with the majority of Disney Princesses and the other with Mickey and friends. Well let's wait and see what will happen.

Amy xo

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